Out of the Box

I’m trying to write a 100-word piece a day. I took a writing prompt from here.

Prompt: #258 Out of the Box

I had no idea what to do with it and it was nearing midnight so I said screw it Highlander. Besides. It’s one of my favorite episodes. And I love Nefertiri​. Love her.

​The cover of the sarcophagus cracked open and air rushed in for the first time in millennia. When the air touched her skin, a jolt went through her heart. Within moments, her blood was pumping. She was awake. Her eyes opened as the cover was removed completely, and she felt the bandages being removed. As she stumbled out of the sarcophagus, she was met with a new world, a foreign world too far in her own future. She steadied herself and frowned. Nefertiri went into the sarcophagus a woman of power and influence. Finally outside, she was lost and alone.



I’m trying to write a 100-word piece a day. I took a writing prompt from here.

Prompt: #230 Energized

I realize ‘Energized’ is low hanging fruit as far as Highlander goes, but I’m mildly obsessed with trying to figure out the Dark Quickening Lore. Also, I never write Duncan because I hate that problematic meat head but whatever. I’m tired.

Lightning poured out of the decapitated body that lay at his feet and coursed through his veins. The energy made his breath catch and his heart race. The familiar feeling of adrenaline was replaced by a visceral dread, slowly strangling him from the inside. It didn’t suffocate him. Instead, twisted his memories. Old friends were now rivals. Lovers were merely distractions. Leading all of that was a new hunger: to fight, to kill, and for empty pleasure. As the lightning died away, the dread seeped into his very core. Duncan MacLeod stepped away from his dead friend, different but more.