Chapter 1-3.1: Broken Bonds

Ghost Relic: Chapter 1

I keep calling this ‘Chapter 1’ but now I am convinced this is a 3 chapter arc because each ‘scene’ is so damn long. I don’t know. We’ll see how I feel after I edit it. but I’m pretty sure. If anything, this story has taught me I can’t spell the word, ‘Traveled.’

“The heart,” she whispered, “The heart, I can see it!” Mei was nearly in tears, exhausted from the trek. The distance was shorter than others they’ve traveled, but fear and anxiety had a way of draining whatever energy one had managed to hoard. Nothing really brought about a prime vintage of fear and anxiety than pushing through a whirling darkness that slowly degraded everything it touched.

But not them, thanks to their Sorcerer. He called himself Dukun, but they could never tell if that was his name or a title he had given himself. Either way, the man was nothing if not benevolent. Something drove him deep into the wilds and took away any reason he would have to want to leave. However, even he could see the damage the Darkness was doing to the land. In a matter of time, it would find him too. This was why he agreed to accompany them.

One of the last things he did was prepare the philter. He made enough for the party. With their casualties, it was split among the three of them. Blessed at the temple, when they ingested the mixture, it protected them from the worst of the degrading energies. Otherwise, entering the twisting winds would have eaten away at them until they were ghouls.

But, so far, they survived. They had made it to the Heart of the Darkness, a central vortex from which the cursed energies emanated, changing the world around them. It was that which had to be destroyed. It was likely that doing so would not heal the damage already incurred, but it would at least remove the poison from the land and the air, allowing life to grow again.

She looked to her friends for support and frowned. They weren’t there. No, of course, they were fine. They promised that so long as she lived, so would they, or something similar. Yan was ahead of her, blazing the trail and attracting any danger to him. She could see the outline of him, cutting down the small demons formed from the Heart, while the more battle hardened had already breached the vortex and engaged the armies at the edge.

Their Ninja had kept to the rear, picking the stragglers off who attempted to scratch at the Priestess from the shadows. She hadn’t seen him in some time, but she could feel whiffs against her robes, proof enough that he was still there.

She clenched her fist around the Staff, magic flowing from the core and into her arm. The Staff passed along the knowledge of wizened gurus and brilliant scholars, allowing her to see the vortex through better eyes. For her, parts of the vortex began to pulse like a heartbeat but flash like lightning.

The clouds began to bear down, turning towards them. For a moment, it looked as if it was staring back at them. Studying them. Then, it moved. It cut through the sky directly to them. She leaped forward, thrusting the staff outwards. A field of light pushed the clouds back, shielding them from a barrage of sharp black crystals.

“Now or never,” she muttered to herself.


Out of the Box

I’m trying to write a 100-word piece a day. I took a writing prompt from here.

Prompt: #258 Out of the Box

I had no idea what to do with it and it was nearing midnight so I said screw it Highlander. Besides. It’s one of my favorite episodes. And I love Nefertiri​. Love her.

​The cover of the sarcophagus cracked open and air rushed in for the first time in millennia. When the air touched her skin, a jolt went through her heart. Within moments, her blood was pumping. She was awake. Her eyes opened as the cover was removed completely, and she felt the bandages being removed. As she stumbled out of the sarcophagus, she was met with a new world, a foreign world too far in her own future. She steadied herself and frowned. Nefertiri went into the sarcophagus a woman of power and influence. Finally outside, she was lost and alone.


I’m trying to write a 100-word piece a day. I took a writing prompt from here.

Prompt: #230 Energized

I realize ‘Energized’ is low hanging fruit as far as Highlander goes, but I’m mildly obsessed with trying to figure out the Dark Quickening Lore. Also, I never write Duncan because I hate that problematic meat head but whatever. I’m tired.

Lightning poured out of the decapitated body that lay at his feet and coursed through his veins. The energy made his breath catch and his heart race. The familiar feeling of adrenaline was replaced by a visceral dread, slowly strangling him from the inside. It didn’t suffocate him. Instead, twisted his memories. Old friends were now rivals. Lovers were merely distractions. Leading all of that was a new hunger: to fight, to kill, and for empty pleasure. As the lightning died away, the dread seeped into his very core. Duncan MacLeod stepped away from his dead friend, different but more.