Chapter 2:1-3 Back to Life

And how he has a body! An overly pretty body. I did not come up with it, but it works very well for my purposes.

“What…” Ben breathed slowly, watching in disbelief as a man formed out of the mysterious fire. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t… know,” Ally muttered back but allowed it to feel her mind and share what it needed. “But it’s going to be okay.”

The flame fell away leaving the man kneeling before her. The looked only a few years older than the both of them. His suit was distinctly modern even to the point of being ‘fashion forward.’ His wore a black quarter-length overcoat over black designer ‘skinny’ pants. He had a black vest over a pristine white designer tunic. He looked current. He looked modern.

He looked Human.

His skin no longer had an off-color sheer. His eyes, though a bit brighter than he intended, were normally spaced. The materials for his clothes did not maintain their otherworldly sheen. His shoes were just shoes.

He looked down at his hands and back up at her. “What have you done?” He then slapped his hands over his mouth. “What did I say?! What language is this?!”

“It’s English,” Ben offered helpfully.

“Where is English?!”

“It’s… just the language a lot of us speak here? Ally, why does he look familiar?”

Her voice suddenly jumped to a piercing shriek, “HE LOOKS LIKE YAMAPI!”

“You didn’t…”

“You know, the guy from ‘Boku, Unmei—’”


The spirit shut his eyes, trying shift back to his less corporeal body with no avail. “I am of the form you believed would protect you.”

“You thought the Pop Idol would show up and protect you?! You’re insane! You’ve got some kind of terminal Fangirl Brain Cancer!”

“It’s not like that!” she swore, “I just thought… It was the last show I watched about Gods and stuff just appearing out of nowhere and that’s where my brain went!”

“Brain Cancer.”

“Will you two stop bickering!”

“Yeah, um.. What do we even call you?” Ben asked.

“I.. I don’t know.”

“You don’t have a name?” Ally asked, almost with a whimper.

“My name is given by the on who called me.”

“That would be you, Fangirl. Just not Yamapi.”

“Obviously not Yamapi.” She moved around the Summoned who was still kneeling and at the ready. She hooked her finger underneath his collar and pulled it back, peeking in. “Kesshen? Does that sound right?”

“He pulled his shirt back and shot a glare at her, but in an instant, he felt settled. “That feels… right. Yes. How did you do that?”

“Well. My mom used to put my name in my shirts like that.”

Ben buried his face in his hand. “I do not believe this.”

“What I’m saying is that if he had a name, it would be on him somewhere! Like in his shirt. So. There it is.”

“Why not just call him Calvin…”

“Whatever, Mr. Eighties Reference! You weren’t even born then.” She took Kesshen’s hands and had him stand. She flushed a bit, realizing exactly how much she made him look like the Idol. “Wow… So. Kesshen it is.”

“And I am here to serve you. Apparently.”


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