Ghost Relic: Ladders

Basically just wanting this week to end at this point.

This is Yohko. A Priestess and Type-A to 11. So far, that’s all I have of her. Also, I wrote this twice just because it was frustrating me. Did you know Kinkaku-ji is currently being run by an active temple? It is! You can’t go in, but they say it’s fully restored inside.

The writing prompt is from here.

#135: Ladders

Yohko climbed the rungs of the ladder she set up on the side of the tiered temple. It had taken her all night and weeks of planning, but soon she would have scaled her way to the top of the Golden Pavilion. The Pavilion was both a historic temple and one of the largest tourist traps in the nation, and she was following a whispered call up its walls.

The practice of breaking-and-entering was new for her, but she was resourceful and confident she could figure it out. All she needed was a telescoping ladder, cardio and strength training, and a lot of time staking out the temple.

She made it to the top, the shimmering gold Phoenix that perched atop the building with its wings spread before her.

The young woman had no time to admire the scenery, only to concentrate on the task at hand. She muttered a short prayer for forgiveness before taking a crowbar to the ornament’s base. The priestess did no small amount of damage, but, given the height, it would take weeks before anyone noticed. From the hole she made, she pulled out a small bamboo canister. It was a lot of trouble for something so innocuous.

Yohko knew better. What called her there rested inside. Now, it was ordering her to open it.

She obeyed, only to find ash and dirt inside. She almost screamed before she noticed the ash start to move. It was starting to reform. The book was hers now.


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